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Naturally, taking care of you...

At Body Crystal we are committed to healthy ingredients that are good for your skin.

Our products are simple, limited to natural, biodegradable ingredients to minimize the impact on our planet.

Body crystal's mission will always be to offer you products with guilt-free quality and utility you can trust

...It started with a wave

Body Crystal of California is a unique company by today's standards - True supporters of Indigenous Global Cooperatives. 


Since 1992, our mission has been dedicated to reduce the use of polluting plastics and chemicals by creating products with a small ecological footprint. We use ethically fairly traded raw materials, handmade techniques, and we support international cooperatives. Body Crystal was founded on the premise that natural body care products should not only benefit the end user, but the environment as well. It feels good to know that by using these products you aren't just supporting a village and families throughout the world, but also our planet; our primary home.




From Nahuatl dialect “Ayatl”, the Ayate is a fiber woven cloth that comes from the Maguey (agave salmina). It is a productive fiber has been used in the "Valle Del Mazquital" located in the state of hidalgo, Mexico. Maguey is used in Mexico as a resource that provides  over 100 different products of which include clothing, food, medicine, firewood, furniture, and soap. Maguey is a noble plant, as are the more than 4000 people sustaining their families from their cultivation and derivatives: our providers. 

Ayate has been known for its durability, natural origins and usefulness to natives but slowly is turning into an international sensation. Today, Ayate is used as an all-safe mildew resistant body exfoliator, designed to last up more than a year.

Ayate Magic

Maguey is known as “mother plant” of the Nahuatl culture, being the origin of hundreds of products that sustained it at the pre-hispanic era.

This plant is the raw material for sweeteners like syrup, honey and sugar, fermented beverages like pulque, & spirits such as mezcal and tequila. Fibers of the leaves are used in spinning for fabrics, paper and tiles made from dry leaves, beams and even musical instruments made with quiote (stem), soap, nails, punches and needles obtained from the thorns.

Maguey can take between 3 and 7 years to mature. Once ready, the "carvers" collect the central leaves of the agave, which are carved with a sharp bone or struck against rocks to obtain the fiber. It is then left to dry in the sun for several days preparing for use. 

This process is extravagant, labor-intensive and detailed, taking days to complete. It requires immense dedication and skill to cultivate these plants. 

Our Standard

Eco-friendly Products

Weaving by Hand

Hand woven & durable

Spa-grade exfoliation

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Products rooted in culture

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