Ayate Square Scrubbing Pad Medium

Ayate Square Scrubbing Pad Medium


The Ayate Square Scrubbing Pad is designed to maximize exfoliation to get rid of dead skin quickly.  Large enough to use on your whole body!  Soft enough to use on your face & neck. 


Scrubbers are available in two types, and three sizes.  We have the square scrubbers in small, medium and large.  We also have the round scrubbers that also come in small, medium and large.


Superior cleansing for your whole body! Just soak in water to expand and become soft and its ready to go!

Ayate products are made with Agave fibers hand woven by Mexican Indians. This product contains both Ayate and artificial sponge material for a more secure grip under water.

  • Care Instructions

    After using your Ayate product, wring out as much water as possible and hang it to dry.  Ayates are machine washable.  Allow your Ayate to dry inbetween uses.  Ayate cloth fibers are built to last!  Average life span is about one year.  

  • Return Policy

    All our Ayate products come with a money back guarantee.

    If you are unhappy with your Ayate purchase for any reason, please contact us by email at BodyCrystal@SurfCity.Net or by phone at (657) 253-9824 to make arrangements for a refund or replacement.